"...she fought tirelessly to protect our interests."


Buying a house (whether your first house or not) is a stressful, emotional and laborious task. Long days driving around looking for a house must be spent with someone who can make the process fun. Emotional offers and stressful negotiations should be handled by someone with professionalism and tact.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jill Donaty. Not only was she so much fun to spend long Sundays with, but when it came down to the business side of both buying our second home while selling our first she fought tirelessly to protect our interests, helped us navigate new  territory and the whole time supported us with friendship and humor.

I’m happy to say that not only did we end up with a beautiful new home, but a wonderful new friend. Five Stars! Go Spurs!  
— Jessica LaMons, New Home Owner

"...efficient, responsive, determined, and thorough."

John Donaty has managed our family property for many years and has done so flawlessly.

He is efficient, responsive, determined, and thorough. He is firm, yet polite with tenants. John’s attention to detail is as unending as his honesty and integrity.

Our working relationship is superb! 
— L. Scott Maclise Downtown Property Owner

"I rely on him absolutely....He treats my money like his own."

John Donaty works 24 hours a day and 8 days a week to manage my property. At least it seems that way.

If there is ever an issue or need, he takes care of it...and then tells me what happened and how he solved it. I rely on him absolutely and give him broad discretion. He treats my money like his own.
— Charles Tigerman, Property Owner

"We have never met anyone with more honesty and integrity."

John and Jill Donaty are the best! How lucky we were to have done business with these two people – we have never met anyone with more honesty and integrity. We have truly been blessed to know them.
— Ray and Barbara Bubar, Property Owners

"Jill is meticulous, an expert on the processes, and does an amazing job of staying on top of any and every detail. She’s also kind, patient, and a pleasure to spend time with while seeing endless listings every weekend.

We were casually dipping a toe in the real estate market to look for a new home. A friend suggested we speak with her agent. The friend said, “There are a lot of good agents out there. You may already have a good agent. But Jill is smarter.”

We spent the better part of a year looking for our new home with Jill. When we finally found it, Jill also helped us in selling the house in which we were living. Our friend was right. Jill IS smarter. She’s also meticulous, an expert on the processes, and does an amazing job of staying on top of any and every detail. If there’s a question she doesn’t know or a problem she can’t solve, she knows someone who can and gets them on it immediately. She’s also kind, patient, and a pleasure to spend time with while seeing endless listings every weekend.

We referred Jill to a couple very close to us. They closed on their first home last week. Buying a home is such a unique life event. Rarely will a purchase be as big a commitment; exciting, stressful, personal. Jill is simply the best. No notes!
— Chris LaMons

"Smart, strategic, patient, thoughtful, AND understanding"

“Jill was a dream to work with, extremely professional and detailed oriented. She took great care to address all our needs and protect us from any potential issues. Under a very tight timeline, she was able to make the impossible happen!”
— Sharon Ngoi, Buyer
My husband and I couldn’t recommend Jill more highly. She is smart, strategic, patient, thoughtful, and understanding.

As first time homebuyers, we relied heavily on Jill’s expertise and it paid off. We would not be in our home if it weren’t for Jill. We originally saw the house in July of last year, but it was quickly taken off the market due to a divorce settlement. Jill stayed in contact with the listing agent, and when the house came back on the market 9 months later, helped us navigate the tricky waters of multiple offers to get into our dream home. Throughout our search for a home, we knew we could trust Jill’s honest opinion and assessment of houses. She went far above and beyond what we could have expected. During inspections, Jill was on top of every appointment and helped get us through a short escrow smoothly.

We cannot thank Jill enough for her dedication, integrity, and for everything she helped us with.
— Ali Comperchio & David Rosenzweig, First Time Homebuyers